Powers Bike Shop Grand opening Bootny Lee Presents!

Chad Powers

The grand opening was a awesome time! Sp many rad tricks, rad people, rad times, and rad prizes!!!

Here is a sweet edit put together by Bootny Lee Presents. deff check it out, share it! 



Powers bike shop opening day cake

This is Doug Fines, he won most rad!

Marcus Saunders won the drag race


Shane Leeper Won the best rail trick!

Curtis cantwell won best trick with a crazy wall ride over the door and a weird 270 thing into the bank

Probably the craziest thing all weekend was Tommy with his Fuf on the pole, here is Van homan giving him his trophy!

 here is a few more rad pics from the day! 

Thanks to all the generous and amazing sponsors! 

Profile racing for the donation of the Z coaster. 

FBM bikes for the ramps

Wheel Mill for the free 1 day passes

True Tattoo for $500 worth of gift cards

Cult bmx


Dk bicycles

Fit Bike Company

Haro Bicyles

Merritt bmx

Raw Tee designs

Standard byke company


Richmond bmx