Traveling with your BMX Bike-Powers Bike Shop style

Emilia AlbeitawiMar 6, '15

Here at Power's Bike Shop HQ in Virginia we've been experiencing one of the worst winters ever it seems. Snow, slush, long dark nights! Whether your ultimate bike vacation is at the trails in Brazil or on the track in Pittsburgh Power's Bike Shop has got you covered with everything you need for BMX. In this 3 part blog series we're serving up a hearty dose of inspiration to cure those winter blues, motivate you to work off that Christmas belly, and get prepared for traveling with your bike all season long.

First up is an essential skill for all BMX riders who travel: How to properly breakdown and pack your BMX bike. We often have customers showing up to our tent at races in a panic because their bike was damaged in transit. And let's not bank on getting a check to repair your damaged bike from that overly aggressive airport baggage handler or that one dad who thinks he's the guru of packing the van. Invest in a well constructed bike bag so you can keep your stoke high and avoid costly repairs!

The good folks at Odyssey BMX just released their Chase Hawk signature 'Hawk's Nest' Bag. Powers Bike Shop techs are always available to answer any questions you might have about dismantling your bike, but for those with the d.i.y. spirit  here's a video on how Chase Hawk does it, and we think it's pretty spot on.

So what's all the hype about these golf club style bags anyway? Well, BMX Pros have long known the airline hack of disguising your BMX bike as golf clubs to avoid bike surcharges on checked baggage. We don't know why it works or why they feel the need to charge extra for little bikes, but either way no one is going to argue with saving some cash! The DK Golf bag is a best seller here at Powers Bike Shop and with good reason. It's large, heavy duty construction and extra pockets are great for stashing your bike and maybe even that extra hoodie. See all our travel bags here.