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Made in the USA.

Nowear's 4 piece TUKUBARS!

Now made right here in Nebraska!

These bars offer a deep shape cross bar so you can take tricks such as tuck no handers to another level! Ground tricks like bar hops etc all become easier or just reap the benefits of not hitting your face or chin on the cross bar anymore.

Aggressive knurling on the clamp bar to help keep the bars from slipping.

We figure there are plenty of other places to save weight but your handlebars are a crucial spot for strength so we went for toughest not the lightest. we use .083 tubing used through out the bars with a .065 for the cross bar.

Nowear 4 piece TUKUBARS

Colors Currently available gloss black and gloss white. Chrome will be limited runs and posted when available

9.5 & 10” rise

30” wide

10 degree back sweep 2 degree up sweep

Weight 45 ounces or 1295g