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Lightweight SHIMANO ULTREAD XC rubber outsole delivers competition-grade grip that lasts.
Surround wrapping upper structure reduces overlap and provides a glove-like fit.
Rider-tunable spikes allow riders to select and swap spikes to match riding styles and conditions.
Ultra-rigid, lightweight carbon fiber reinforced midsole.
Supple high-density synthetic leather with perforation and lightweight mesh/TPU combination bring superior fit and comfort.
Dual independent BOA® L6 dials allow quick, micro tension adjustments.
Adjustable powerzone lace guide securely holds forefoot.
Low stack height midsole helps stabilize foot, maximizes power transfer and efficiency.

outsole-stiffness-9.png OUTSOLE STIFFNESS grade 9.
icon_footwear_syntheticleather.png SYNTHETIC LEATHER Lighter, stronger and more durable than natural leathers.
icon_footwear_reinforcedspikemount.png REINFORCED SPIKE MOUNT Reinforced spike mount for extreme conditions.
icon_footwear_heel-stabilizer.png HEEL STABILIZER Improves heel hold.
icon_footwear_carbonsolemidsole.png CARBON SOLE/MID SOLE Carbon fiber composite sole/mid sole.
icon_footwear_hardercontactblock.png HARDER CONTACT BLOCK Promotes stability and pedaling efficiency.
icon_fwpd_usage_xcrace.png SURROUND WRAPPING UPPER Surrounds the foot and creates a better fit with fewer gaps between shoes and feet.
icon_fwpd_usage_xcrace.png SEAMLESS MIDSOLE STRUCTURE Lower stack height stabilizes pedaling strokes and maximizes efficiency.
spd.png Shimano Pedaling Dynamics.
Upper Technology Upper Technology.
shimano_dynalast.pngShimano Dynalast.