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Powers in Paradise! Profile Factory Tour, Gator Nationals and more!

In the pursuit of endless summer BMX vibes the Powers Bike Shop crew packed up and headed south to avoid the coming winter back home in Virginia. First up on the action packed docket was the USABMX Gator Nationals. This was a super exciting race to be a part of as it was the official GRAND RE-OPENING of the track as a world class UCI Supercross Track. This state of the art facility is truly a gem and along with the track in Rock Hill, SC it will redefine the American BMX scene. We were super excited to get the pleasure and privilege of seeing this track first hand as Pros from all around the world battling it out on the track.

Of course we did a little bit of what we do best; building wheels, having fun, and putting smiles on racers faces of all ages!


Next up was a few days of R&R in the Florida sun before we headed back up to Kissimmee for the next USABMX race! Next up was a super special treat for the Powers Crew; A tour of the Profile Machine Shop with Gus from Profile Racing. While we can't say much about the actual inside of the building (trade secrets!) we can say the tour gave us a renewed appreciation and awe for the spirit of American BMX and ingenuity that the folks of Profile are keeping alive in their little corner of St. Petersburg, Florida. The bespoke craftsmanship of every stage of their product production from welding to machining was mind boggling. With only a few employees in the factory they somehow pump out crazy amounts of products and unique designs week after week, that are well deserving of the recognition they get as one of the best BMX companies in the business. Thank you, Profile for the tour and everything you do for the sport of BMX! 


After gaining some sweet tan lines we moved on to the next race! One of the coolest parts of being a vender at USABMX events is getting to see all of the work that goes on behind the scenes to pull off such an event. At the Florida Indoor in Kissimmee we got to see the track being built and polished right before rubber hit the dirt. This race also drew a diverse crowd of riders from all over the world. We heard spanish, Portuguese, English, German, and French being spoken simultaneously! It was a super fun race and we had a great time introducing many new people to some of the products exclusive to Powers Bike Shop that are revolutionizing the industry like Warrco Titanium.



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