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Brant Moore Caught up with us for a bmx museum tour

Chad Powers

Brant Moore stopped by and we gave him the exclusive run around of the only public, free, full bmx museum in the world!!!!       

What happens when you wear a dans shirt into powers bmx!!

Chad Powers

check out this new video we just dropped! first video that the man, myth, legend kenny horton filmed, wrote, directed, and edited for us!      also the new powers death metal shirts are flying off the shelf!! they are so sick!!     

What even is BMX?

Donovan Allen

BMX can be broken down a few different ways.. Selfishly, The first way I'm gonna breakdown this topic is the way I see BMX. Then I'll try my best to explain it from a few other perspectives that aren't my own. Hopefully, between all those points of view, you'll start...

Bike Life Culture in Richmond, VA

Donovan Allen

RVA Wheelie Bike culture is growing. Fast. For the last few months, the Broad Street Bullies (BSB) have been doing weekly street rides around Richmond, Virginia. And it's been awesome. With Wheelie bikes becoming more and more popular every year, it was only a matter of time before Richmond had...

Which BMX Multi-tool is the best?

Donovan Allen

So you need a BMX Mulit-tool..Which one is the best? Multi-tool testing with team rider Richie Freeman In the world of BMX multi-tools there are quite a few options to pick from. And it really depends on what you're looking for. Whether it be the most affordable, the most portable,...


Donovan Allen

DON'T MISS THIS!GET GNAR JAMSEPTEMBER 18TH By Powers BMX & Bent Crew Soon we will be throwing a jam with the Bent Crew (@thebentcrew) here at the shop in Richmond, VA! And you don't wanna miss out on this one. There will be multiple chances to win some cash and...


Donovan Allen

Curtis Cantwell Dropped a Roof Dropping banger this year. And you need to see it. What's this guy thinking? If you've ever come by the shop you've probably met our friend and Co-worker Curtis Cantwell. What you might not have known, is that he is insane. and we have the...

Custom DK Nano with profile hubs

Chad Powers

Here is this rad DK nano that is taking the internet by storm!!!! this blue/pink nano, we did up with limited edition cotton candy mini hubs, blue titanium spokes and pink alloy nipples, topped it off with  this is AWESOME to say the least!!!   

Sick Custom twin top tube Standard 125r in Chrome

Chad Powers2 comments

Check this beauty out! a custom Standard 125r built through Powers bike shop. custom geometry to customers specs. we also had it chromed for him!    here is a few pictures and parts we built it up with!  Standard 125r cruiser frame with twin top tube S&M race forks in...

Here is a rad video of the anniversary party from KIRolling

Chad Powers

Check this video out! share it and like it!!! thanks so much for the dudes over at KIRolling for filming, making this video!!! love the support!  


Chad Powers

Here is this sick custom we slapped together! standard 250l frame in clear FBM forks in clear FBM headset Fit Brian foster stem Standard Strip bars in clear Vans lock on grips Odyssey Evo brake kit Kink stealth pivotal seat post Profile pivotal seat  FBM hose seat clamp Odyssey cranks...

Powers bike shop anniversary party by FBM

Chad Powers

the anniversary party was awesome!! we will be making a few posts about it! here is the first video to come out of the FBM dudes at the party Saturday!     photo of crandall was taking by Kaleb bolton video was done by Steve Crandall