We Celebrated Our 1 Year Anniversary of our new Shop - Powers Bike Shop

We Celebrated Our 1 Year Anniversary of our new Shop


November 1st we celebrated 1 year of the new shop! we thank each and everyone of you who has stopped by, rode the ramps, hung out, like our pictures online, hung out with bear. This year has been the best for powers bike shop so far!! we are looking forward to many  more jams, party's, movie nights, hang outs, and sesh in the future!  here are a few pictures from sunday! all photos were taken by crandle! 

Latane works here on sundays and mondays! come chill with this bearded wonder! we hired him solely on his good looks. 

Steve Crandle, the man! rad dude and stoked we get to spend time together!


Doug fines! stoked to call this brother a friend! 


Ski and neil! to rad dudes! supports powers bike shop to the fullest! we get pumped everytime these dudes walk thru the door! 

You have seen this dude working the door for us at the national events! Adam, my dude! 

James Lukas! works at the shop tuesday-saturday. stoked to have him as one of my best friends! he has been here for powers bike from day one! and for me personally from pre bike shop days! props trails, 809, manassas was a good time then!

then there is garrett anderson a sweet mustache rat tail having trashy boy! 

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