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Alienation OS20 Rim

Alienation OS20 Rim

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Alienation OS20 bmx rim

What ls OS2O?

OS2O is NOT 22″. OS2O is 20”, but bigger. There are two wheel sizes in the 20″ category – the 20″ on Jr/mini bikes which uses the 45lmm diameter wheel in narrow widths (for 20-1/8″ & 20-3/8″ tires), and the conventional 20″ which uses the smaller 4O6mm diameter wheel but in wider widths. OS2O is 451mm wheel diameter in similar widths as 406mm wheels. OS2O tires are not compatible with Jr/Mini sized rims, and OS2O rims are not compatible with Jr/Mini sized tires. click Here for the Tioga OS 20 bmx tires


  • Use: Race
  • Material: 6061 T6
  • Walls: Double
  • Joint: Sleeved
  • Weight: 462g
  • Diameter: 451 (20”)
  • Drilling: 36
  • Valve: SV
  • Sidewall:
  • ERD: 430
  • Colors: Black
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