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Box One Carbon bars

Box One Carbon bars

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Box X carbon handlebars for mini, juniors and expert


Ultra-lightweight X Carbon bars are made using the world’s best carbon fiber bicycle component technology. Designed for smaller BMX racers, they feature a unique profile that increases stiffness and strength, while keeping the weight low.

The 3-inch Mini bars are 21 inches wide, the 4.5-inch Junior are 23.5 inches wide and the 6-inch Experts are 26 inches wide. All three sizes 6 degrees of back sweep and 2 degrees of up sweep.

X Carbon handle bars are designed for BMX racing only. They meet or exceed ENBMX Category 2 standards and fit standard 22.2 Ø stems. X bars should be installed by a professional bicycle mechanic and inspected for damage after crashing or impacting the ground or other objects. 

3”-BX-HB14C3X21: 162 grams/5.7 ounces
4.5”-BX-HB14C4X23: 182 grams/6.4 ounces
6”-BX-HB14C6X25: 285 grams/10.0 ounces

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