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BSD Rude Tube XL Lite Pegs

BSD Rude Tube XL Lite Pegs

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Axle size
The Rude Tube Peg

Dan Paley is a right rude ‘en and he likes to get rude (aka grind) on all available surfaces without causing enough rudeness (aka noise and/or damage) to upset the neighbours. His signature Rude Tube peg is now available in two lengths for 2016, original 4.2″ and the new 4.5″ XL. 

– Dan Paley signature peg
– Durable high density plastic outer sleeve
– Alloy inner peg
– 4.5″ XL length
– Sold singularly in either 10mm or 14mm
– Replacement plastic outer sleeves also available separately


  • Axle Size:
    10mm or 14mm
  • Length:
    4.5″ XL
  • Diameter:
  • Weight:

  • Colours:

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