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GT Logo LP-5 Tire

GT Logo LP-5 Tire


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GT Logo reissue bmx tire

“You don’t see many brands incorporating their logos as a functional aspect of a part design, but the GT Logo tires of the 1980’s were legendary. They worked for both racers and freestylers, featuring a semi-slick center tread with molded GT logos acting as moderately aggressive knobs on the sides….With mid-school nostalgia on mmmuyy  n thm n e rise, it seems to be a perfect time for GT to reissue some of their classic designs, but rather than just reopening an old tire mold and producing a standard remake, GT has updated the fashionably functional design to roll faster and last longer.”         -RIDEbmx’s

-         Notes: Used through entire GT Performer BMX line. LP-5 stands for “Low Profile 5”, and this is the more supple tire that is at home with park riders who run higher pressures and look for a lighter tire to jump with.

-         Sizing: 20x2.2” and 20x2.3” widths available, with the 2.3 having an inflated width of 2.35”

-         Features: Smooth sidewall to ensure easy grinding and exit from rails and boxes.

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