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Hex Lab Titanium Lock Rings are designed for racers who are after the best of the best. We focus on the cog to lock ring interface as we follow the load paths down the hubs and cogs. With a large surface area on the lock ring flange keeping the cog properly tightened, you can be sure that all of the power you put through the pedals is keeping you at the front of the pack. Cosmetically, you have several options: Go stealth with the natural color way or bolder with anodized rainbow, blue or gold options. When combined with stealth hubs and titanium cogs, you’ll experience increased speed and obtain complete control of your ride.

Key differences: We have focused on making sure the titanium lock ring excels where it counts, less weight and increased durability. Its design has been upgraded with new tooling to allow more straightforward installation and strengthened material to avoid stripping. Ideal for those who don’t want to compromise on user experience to gain more control. These lock rings are engineered for all single speed bikes.

Lightweight Design
Anodized Color Finish
Extruded Precision CNC

Park Tools BBT-9 (or similar 44mm 16 notch BB tools) Compatible
Shimano® Style Driver Compatible (1.37 Inch x 24 TPI external threading)

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