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Profile Cogs

Profile Cogs

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From the Top: A. Standard Cog, B. Elite Cog, C. Aluminum Cog

    • Exclusively made to fit the Profile Racing Cassette Hub -Standard and Elite Cogs CNC machined from heat-treated 4340 aircraft alloy steel for strength and durability. Made in USA.
    • Aluminum Cogs machined from 7075 Aluminum.

    • Standard Cogs Available in 12T to 18T. 13T and 16T also available in SS size.

    • Elite cogs available in 16T to 18T.

    • Aluminum Cogs available in 13T to 18T.

    • Standard 16t= 54g

    • Elite 16t= 44g

    • Aluminum 16t= 22g

  • Aluminum Cogs are intended for race day use only. They will wear out much faster than CrMo cogs.
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