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Profile Racing Hub & Driver Bearings

Profile Racing Hub & Driver Bearings


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Bearing for Profile Hub shells and drivers. Read description below to make sure you select the right one!


Hub-shell Bearings

-A. Hub body bearing for all Mini, Elite, & Madera hub shells.

-B. 15/20mm hub shell body bearing.

-C. Z-Coaster Hub-shell Bearing.

Driver Bearings

-A. 6802 Bearings (smaller size): Mini, totem & madera drivers use 2 of these bearings on both sides of the driver (4 total). Elite drivers use two of these on one side of the driver (2 total).

-B. 6902 Bearings (larger size): Elite drivers use one of these. 

-C. Z-Coaster driver bearing.

-D. Z-Coaster driver support bearing.

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