Profile Push "Mulville" Stem

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The Mark Mulville "Push" stem is named after Mark's favorite trails.
    • Locates bars 10mm (.4 inches) higher than the Acoustic Stem
    • 48mm, 53mm, 58mm* and 63mm* reach
  • Colors: Black, Polished, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Black, White, Matte Black, Gold, Aqua (Turquoise)
48mm with chromo bolts: 283g/9.95oz with titanium bolts: 253g/8.95oz
53mm with chromo bolts: 297g/10.45oz with titanium bolts: 267g/9.45oz
58mm with chromo bolts: 310g/10.85oz with titanium bolts: 280/9.85oz
63mm with chromo bolts: 324g/11.4oz with titanium bolts: 294g/10.4oz