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Profile Crank Puller

Profile Crank Puller

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Use to install and remove Spline drive sprockets, Spline Drive Spiders, and crank arms from the 48 spline axle of the Profile and Madera 3-Piece Crankset.

Tools available for: 19mm GDH axle, 19mm Solid axle, .875″ SS axle, 22mm Column axle, and 22mm Elite TI axle.

    • 19mm GDH axle tool: M12 x 1.25 threads
    • 19mm Solid axle tool: 3/8 x 24 SAE threads.
    • .875″ SS axle tool: 7/16 x 20 SAE threads
    • 22mm Column axle tool: M17 x 1.25 threads
    • 22mm Elite TI axle tool: M15 x 1.25 threads
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