Profile Sabre Sprocket

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Product Details The Profile "Sabre" is a unique sprocket that takes a universal adapter insert making it work with both 19mm and 22mm bolt on and splined driven cranks. Here's how it works: A. Choose a Sabre sprocket -Options for freestyle: 25, 28, 30, 33t in 1/8 inch teeth, black only. -Options for Race: 36 through 45t in 3/32, black only. ***The race versions do not have extra spider bolt holes and will only work with the 19mm and 22mm Spline Drive Inserts. B. Choose a Sabre insert -19mm Bolt On -19mm Spline Drive -22mm Bolt On -22mm Spline drive ------------------------------------------ --Made from 7075 aluminum --Laser etched finish --Black only Weight without insert: 25t--76g/2.65oz 33t--122g/4.3oz 45t--177g/6.2oz NOTE: Spline drive sprockets are not compatible with 2-piece cranks for Right Side Drive (not enough room for splines). Spline drive sprockets are compatible on Left Side Drive 2-piece cranks though.