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Profile Z-Coaster Freecoaster

Profile Z-Coaster Freecoaster

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The Profile ZCoaster™ is a proprietary hub to Profile: it essentially works as a spring/pawl cassette hub that can be disengaged into a freecoaster with varying slack options.
Made here in the USA at the Profile factory.
Highlights of the ZCoaster™:

--The ZCoaster™'s Pawl is "Z" shaped to allow for engagement/disengagement by the center Slack-Cam Ring. This also allows for adjustable slack. See Slack-Cam Ring options A through C.

--The ZCoaster™'s pawls and ratchet ring have a proprietary coating that offer smooth engagement.
There are 48 points of engagement: all pawls engage simultaneously.

14mm GDH Chromo 9t Chromo: 583g/20.55oz
14mm GDH Titanium 9t Titanium: 466g/16.4oz
3/8 Chromo 9t Chromo: 559g/19.7oz
3/8 Titanium 9t Titanium: 461g/16.25oz

--The ZCoaster™ has an outer driver support bearing for the oversized driver mechanism. This bearing supports the driver from the outside.

***The ZCoaster™'s freecoaster mechanism can only work if the jam nuts are fully tightened for optimum compression.
Utility patents and design patents pending.

14mm complete Zcoaster™ with 9t chromo, 1/8 driver: 585g/20.6oz
3/8 volcano cone complete Zcoaster™ with 9t chromo, 1/8 driver: 585g/20.6oz

Chromo 14mm GDH Axle (no hardware): 182g/6.4oz
Solid Chromo 14mm Axle (no hardware): 217g/7.65oz

3/8 titanium axle (no hardware): 66g/2.30oz
14mm titanium axle (no hardware): 103g/3.6oz

chromo 9t 3/32 (loaded with 2 driver bearings): 104g/3.65oz
chromo 9t 1/8 (loaded with 2 driver bearings): 108g/3.8oz

Titanium 9t 3/32 (loaded with 2 driver bearings): 66g/2.3oz
Titanium 9t 1/8 (loaded with 2 driver bearings): 67g/2.35oz
Hub Dimensions:

Center to Drive Side Flange--32mm
Flange Diameter on Drive-Side--66mm
Center to Non-Drive Flange--32mm
Flange Diameter on Non-Drive Side--50mm
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