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Promax Click V-Point Brake Levers

Promax Click V-Point Brake Levers

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Click V-Point brake levers feature innovations not found on any other lever. First, they have a built-in lock-on clamp that is compatible with Promax, most Velo and some other non-ODI lock-on grips. This feature ensures that your grips stay put while eliminating the need for an extra clamp. They also can be used with nonclamp-on grips.

The second feature is the patented V-Point mounting system that allows you to put the same lever on the right or left side of the bars. A dual wedge-style pinch-mounting system puts equal force on the bars from both sides of the lever. When mounting the lever on the left side, simply flip the wedges over to keep the mounting bolt facing the correct upward direction.

The symmetrical shape of the levers and a unique cable attachment position, further enhance the ambidextrous nature of the levers.

Click levers are cold forged from 6061-T6 aluminum then CNC machined. Cold forging is the only way to get high strength, low weight and durability.

Short: PX-BL130VPSR: 69 grams/2.43 ounces
Long: PX-BL130VPLR: 73 grams/2.57 ounces

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