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Promax P-1 Brake Kit

Promax P-1 Brake Kit

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The Promax brake kit includes one set of color-matched Promax P-1 brake arms and one Click lever, plus a standard stainless steel Promax brake cable and B-2 Air Flow brake shoes. All necessary mounting hardware also is included.

Available in anodized red, blue, gold and matte black with laser-etched graphics and black hardware. Available only with one-finger short and one-finger long levers.

The 85-millimeter brake arms come with a short Click lever while the 108-millimeter arms come with a long lever. Meets or exceeds ENBMX standards. 

85mm-PX-BK13VB085: 263 grams/9.23 ounces complete
108mm-PX-BK13VB108: 276 grams/9.67 ounces complete

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