S&M Trackmark Tire


The Trackmark is our race tire. Available in folding Kevlar bead only and with a lightweight, high TPI race casing. The Trackmark center tread is broken to increase acceleration and braking traction and to reduce weight. Its a smooth, fast tire designed for todays hard packed or paved tracks and is available in both 20 and 24 sizes.

20 x 1.75Inflated Width: 1.88″ (47.8mm)
Inflated Diameter: 19.625 (498.5mm)
Max Pressure: 110 psi
Weight: 15 oz


20 x 1.95

Inflated Width: 2.1″ (53mm)
Inflated Diameter: 20.0 (508mm)
Max Pressure: 110 psi
Weight: 17 oz

20 x 2.1

Inflated Width: 2.17″ (55mm)
Inflated Diameter: 20.375 (mm)
Max Pressure: 110 psi
Weight: 19 oz

24 x 1.75Inflated Width: 1.92″ (48.7mm)
Inflated Diameter: 23.62 (600mm)
Max Pressure: 110 psi
Weight: 19 oz


24 x 2.1

Inflated Width: 2.19″ (55.5mm)
Inflated Diameter: 24.37 (619mm)
Max Pressure: 110 psi
Weight: 22 oz